recording Per hour

Audio recording with engineer and use of studio equipment. Three hour minimum for this rate, although other rates can be purchased in our Custom Package Deals.


audio mixing

This price reflects a song containing 24 tracks of audio. For more tracks or further information, please contact us with any questions.





The final step in every recording is mastering. We apply limiting, EQ and compression to bring the overall sound to a competitive level. 


additional tracks

This is for anyone needing backing tracks for live performance or alternative versions such as instrumentals or stem mixes.





This is for artists looking to get their ideas down. There is a three hour minimum for booking most sessions, but the preproduction session negates one hour of required time and allows the artist two hours of demo recording time with the added extra of having their song professionally produced.


custom package deals

Some bands need a day for a song, some need a week in the studio. Sometimes you just need to do a voice over for film or finish that perfect acoustic track for your girlfriend. We can custom tailor a package that works for you and your budget, just contact us.